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Oct 1, 2012 4:00am EDT
helpful to me. he had this great ranch in south texas with a stable reporter horses. used to come to the guest house where i would say very early in the morning, 5:30 or 6:00 and sit on the top railing of the fence watching them exercise and he would tell me -- he answered almost every question i asked about johnson's career, took me through the assassination in great detail. one of the things he said was everybody thought when they heard the shot that was a motorcycle backfire or it was a balloon going off for a firecracker. but he said i was a hunter. i knew the instant i heard it that it was the crack of a hunting rifle. i talked to everyone who was with lyndon johnson in the hospital still alive, in boston with lyndon johnson. congressman jack brooks. lyndon johnson's devoted secretary, kennedy's secretary, they're always seemed to be other sources that have been overlooked. when i was doing this suddenly i came across a fact. a secret service regulations that if you were a member of the presidential or vice-presidential detail and there was an incident involving the president
Oct 5, 2012 11:35pm PDT
of the south. look at that. well, in one hard-hit area of texas, some people have grown tired of waiting for mother nature to bring relief and have decided to try to make matters into their own hands. here's abc's juju chang. >> reporter: craig is flying me to the edge of a violent thunderstorm. >> you see how nice and crisp the top of that cloud is up there? >> reporter: yeah. but the former commercial pie lont isn't some adrenaline junkie. he's a cloud seater, chasing this storm to squeeze out extra rain for the drought-stricken farm land below. >> as a pilot going through school, you are taught to avoid thunderstorms. >> reporter: this is craig's job. firing chemicals into the clouds in a controversial attempt to modify the weather. he's literally a rainmaker. that dark, thick cloud over there has lots of moisture in it. >> it looks heavy with rain. >> reporter: cloud seeding is now getting a closer look, as farmers desperate for solutions endure their fourth month of record-shattering drought, with no end in sight. it's actually the largest drought in half a century. responsible for
Oct 5, 2012 4:00am PDT
injuries. >>> in south texas, a judge says for now, the bible can be part of a friday night football field at a high school down there. the school district had ordered cheerleaders to stop displaying banners with biblical verses saying they may be violating a ban on school prayer. but the ban violates their right to free speech. >>> legendary basketball coach pat summitt says she felt forced out at tennessee. summit says she was told by the athletic director she would be replaced by the end of the season. the decision hurt and surprise her. summitt says it comes as an age and sex discrimination suit by another tennessee employee. >>> the first in the boxing world. a top fighter has announced he is gay. orlando cruz is a featherweight number four in the world. he wants to be a positive role model for kids who look into boxing. >>> week five in the nfl is under way. we get the highlights, now, from espn news. >> welcome to your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres. the cardinals trying to stay undefeated in st. louis. taking on sam bradford and the rams. break from scrimmage. play-action.
Oct 5, 2012 7:30am PDT
of all i came from a house in san antonio, south texas of big opinions. my father was a kind of district attorney without portfolio. other jewish fathers play golf. >> this is a jewish district attorney. >> originally from mexico. his whole passion in life is corruption. the family own add discount store. that wasn't where his heart would you say. he was running this family business and his heart was exposing theing bad guy. for a reporter it became the most fantastic training ground. at dinner my father would talk non stop, the mayor is a crook, the senator is a crook, i am going to get that guy. he would have campaigns, whistle blowers, he had stocking bag stuffers. there was an extrodinary house, lucky house, very grateful for all of that who is hilariously funny. he is holder sister, anita brenner was older, worked in the "new york times" in the 1930s. there are many pictures of anita in those family scrapbooks. unfortunately my father hated his older sister, rather than getting to have wonderful times of gertrudestein in mexico, all i heard was she is a monster. they didn't speak.
Oct 23, 2012 12:00pm EDT
are certainly warm, almost hot in south texas. that warmth spreads towards us. that's why we're in the 70s. you'll notice the big cooldown in the northwest. big storm in the pacific northwest, british columbia bringing rains and mountain snows. follow the jet right here. the fast moving clouds, that's the jet stream coming into california. then is goes up through the plains and well north of us. see the showers north of us. they're going to stay generally along and north of i-70. south of that jet is the warm air. that's where we're going to be with temperatures in the 70s today. 80s tomorrow. even though we'll have high clouds again tomorrow and then maybe even mostly cloudy for a little while. i still think we'll be around 80. on thursday we watch some clouds which try to come in off the atlantic, a sign that a cooler air mass will try to work its way here but still pleasant. we have td19, could be tony. don't worry about that. here's sandy getting better organized as we speak. it will be moving up toward the north, northeast toward jamaica where hurricane warnings are now posted for tomorrow
FOX Business
Oct 9, 2012 3:00pm EDT
is the volatility index relatively low? let's bring in jim king, our guest today. south texas money-management president and chief economist joining me for the last hour of trading. you folks in south texas don't scare so easily. >> a lot of things people are worried about, china and the middle east and europe, fiscal cliff, these have been highly telegraphed and -- liz: you are telling me the same thing i did at the top of the show. is anybody surprised by this. the imf says we are downgrading our estimates for the entire planet. be smarter than the rest of these government agencies. we knew that was going to happen. are you bullish on stocks? >> the imf is playing catch up. everybody -- [talking over each other] >> that shouldn't be a surprise. we are bullish on stocks the next few months and strong headwinds in the way of declining policy and the fiscal side that we should see. in the next two to three months but we are trading in a narrow trading range. given the run we had, a pullback is what you expect looking at data. liz: is a boring question because we're not there yet. is
Oct 1, 2012 2:00am PDT
of a weekend in many areas of the deep south. texas on saturday. as we went through saturday afternoon, all day sunday, the storm hit mississippi. all of this green on the map is areas of rain. a lot of it out of alabama, heading for northern georgia. tennessee is drenched all through the state. the other thing we have to deal with, we had isolated severe weather over the weekend. a few weaker tornadoes, numerous areas with flooding. once again today, the possibility of severe storms in this region. we could also see heavy rainfall, too. areas from memphis to nashville will have the highest totals. about two inches of rain. about an inch across alabama and areas of georgia. as far as the severe weather goes, if we get isolated tornadoes, most likely they would be coming through the panhandle of florida and through central alabama. we'll watch that closely this morning. some of those storms could be heading for atlanta today. if you're flying today through the atlanta airport, your best chance of significant delays. as far as the other areas of concern, big storm in southern portions of quebeque
Oct 18, 2012 10:30am PDT
and mentality and intimidating my neighbors. i loved in cities in the south including texas and louisiana but i have never seen a good old boy system than right here. through the years i have watched many of my local neighbors including medical doctors throw up their hands and surrender to this harassment and oppression. but i believe we need to stand up to bullies, not just the children in recent documentaries but all bullies and the foundation shrewd billionaires and the well paid lobbyists and business friends and associates who stand to reap millions of dollars from their agenday bullies ask that we turn a blind eye and ignore their corrupting influence. i had some of you sitting here would stand up for citizens who are simply willing to present a balanced perspective. maybe you can't be bothered to think about my personal safety or my family or even my neighbors but i thought at least you would have wanted to find out about the men who attacked me for the soccer parents who all of you have been well informed to continue unwlittantly untrust their children to these violent criminals. t
FOX Business
Oct 15, 2012 3:00pm EDT
properties in south texas. currently owning 335,000 acres in the area. starbucks says it his partnershp with mexican franchisee may be a bright spot for the coffee chain giant. the chief executive says the local franchise operators on track to offer more than 50 new locations in that nation. general mills join the fight against obesity. the company plans to cut by as much as 30% the amount of sugar and salt content in children's cereal they fell together overseas. more than 5 billion portions of cereal could be affected by the switch. and we continue our countdown to the closing bell with nicole petallides at the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole: thank you, robert. xbox music coming your way and not good news for pandora. down 3.5% right now for pandora. but this is all about microsoft announcing details of the new plan overhauling the whole program, their whole online music service. it is a new service much like spodify or pandora, an ad-based type service streaming music almost $10 per month, $9.89 per month and available on the xbox. you can only get it on the operating s
Oct 16, 2012 2:35am EDT
and jackson, wyoming. some scattered showers from grand rapids to chicago. thunderstorms in south texas. much warmer than normal across the middle of the country. >> kansas city, omaha, hovering near 80 degrees. mostly 60s in the midwest and northeast. and 80s across the south. 93 in phoenix. >>> well, the mystery has been solved in that case of that giant blue eyeba. scientists in florida say the eye likely came from a swordfish. but they will need some genetic testing to make sure. >> the eyeball turned up last week on a beach in south florida where fishing for swordfish is common this time of year. they say the swordfish needs an unusually large eye -- i would say so -- for hunting at night and navigating depths to 1,000 feet. they say about the size of a softball. uh-huh. >> mystery solved. bam. in the books. coming up next, we have reported several drug busts recently involving famous folks who were all for some reason arrested in texas. turns out it is actually not a coincidence. why one stretch of road is called "the checkpoint to the stars." >> first, a red hot, bite-sized crunchy tre
Oct 7, 2012 6:30pm PDT
living on that land before it became part of the united states. as they say in south texas or in northern new mexico, southern colorado, we didn't cross the border, the border crossed us. >> mexicans have a big presence here and they have had a big presence here. and it just does to show you how this country is a country of immigrants. so it's very difficult when you hear people say american values and american values are being threatened by the influx of immigrants from other countries. what american values? american values are values of immigrants that made this country. >> i'll throw out it's easy to argue for an open border, right, like the european community. it is never going to happen here. i don't think so. >> why? >> because the economic differences are so big. when an immigrant here in the united states can make in half an hour what they make a day in mexico, about $5 a day. still immigration has to do with economic forces, it's an economic problem. i don't think i'll live to see an open border between mexico and the united states even though the internet and communications has
Oct 18, 2012 5:00am EDT
heat down in south texas. brownsville 97 degrees. but this storm system spinning over minnesota and iowa, it's going to be responsible for throwing some rain our way. basically tonight in the form of showers and storms. this first batch of rain you see probably going to die out before it gets anywhere close to us. maybe throw a few clouds our way. ahead of that storm system, though, the winds are out of the south. that's bringing in some moisture and warmth. also the whole setup is ripe for some strong, maybe severe thunderstorms. the storm prediction center believes we have a threat for damaging wind gusts mainly tonight is what i'm thinking. late tonight, could be out west in western virginia, southwestern virginia. our concerns are going to be i think after dark because it looks like at least through the daylight hours, any showers will be south of us and west of us here at 6:00. then here comes the action as we get into the overnight period. but most of this will be gone by early on friday. so timing it will be a nighttime event. with that we've got a yellow alert for the st
Comedy Central
Oct 4, 2012 11:30pm PDT
, courts is have already struck down voter i.d. laws in wisconsin, south carolina and texas and they have done it again. >> if you are pennsylvania voter you will not have to show a photo i.d. this election. a judge ruled against the measure for now saying he didn't believe there was adequate time for voters to easily get a photo i.d. before november 6th. >> stephen: that is ridiculous. they will have their i.d.s by november 6th if they go to the dmv now. but folks, as bad as this is-- (cheers and applause) as bad as this is, there is a silver lining to this story. because according to the ruling, election officials can still ask for photo i.d.s, they just can't prevent people from voting if they don't have it. this could still work. asking for the i.d. is now meaningless but we're still allowed the consolation prize of harassing voters for no reason. and if we just add some other intimidation tactics i think we can make the wrong kind of voters so uncomfortable, they'll just turn around and go home. i say we start with a cavity search. you're free to vote but first you have to let us pul
FOX News
Oct 27, 2012 11:30am PDT
michigan and ohio, wisconsin, will move out. they'll go down to tennessee, kentucky, south carolina, and texas, leaving those state with nothing but these enormous public debt to the union. >> colin, where does this stand electorally now? >> it's extremely close, actually. it's within the margin of error, and this is something that the detroit news said in its recent poll, 43-41. so, this is going to good right down the wire. unions are -- pouring in money. >> national unions are pouring in the dough. we have to take one more break. when we come back, hits and misses of the week. ... >>. >> paul: time for mitts and misses of the week. dorothy. >> here is a miss to the national geographic channel which is normally a reliable network. that is because they are airing two nights before the election a film about seal team six which manages to enlarge obama's role and cheerleading for obama. they say it's not politicized but the damage to the recipe face raising large suspicions was not a good corporate decision. >> probably hit to my hometown of brooklyn. the next week you are going to h
Oct 27, 2012 6:30pm EDT
grids and so on. last year, a disgruntled hacker abroad went into a water system in south houston, texas, and got control of those computers. the list goes on and on. there are hacks of google, security firms. there are millions of attacks, literally millions of attacks around the world and intrusions on computer systems every day. probably the most phenomenal attack involves a warm called stuxnet. in that case, the u.s. government, i think working with israel, but the united states government to felt -- the u.s. government develop a computer warned that went into the nuclear processing facilities in iran and disrupted those computers. >> it was developed by the u.s. government? >> yes, according to reporters. them what was its purpose? was it a defense mechanism, the defense department? >> no, it was a purely offensive, pre-emptive effort to slow the nuclear weapons processing capability of iran. >> you mentioned a charlie miller, and mr. miller is in st. louis, joining us today. mr. miller, what was your goal in breaking into the iphone? >> well, and the particular case, it was for a c
Oct 6, 2012 6:00pm EDT
part of the state. in fact, i sometimes think that east texas is more like the old south than the old south is anymore. about 50 percent of the population there is black. it was plantation, cotton farming part of this--part of the state. but west texas is a totally different kettle of fish. it's the dry, ranching part of the state, a lot of--there are a fair number of hispanics down in west texas, but--and in south texas now, they're--they're the majority. but that looks--the western part of the state looks more like what you would think of texas in a--in a cowboy movie. c-span: i got to read you what you quoted a minister's saying to some texas senators. and this is--i g--this is a prayer that you had at one time? >> guest: prayer opening--opening of--every day in the session, we have prayer and we need it. c-span: and you called it, by the way--what do you call this texas legislature? you always have a little short... >> guest: the leg. c-span: the leg. >> guest: the leg. it ga--it's too long to write legislature every time you you need to talk about what they've been up to. c-span:
Oct 7, 2012 6:00am PDT
canadian air is pushing temperatures down into the 50s as far south as texas. the panhandle might even see snow. tomorrow most of us will discover considerably warmer weather outside our doors. next. >> great to meet you. osgood: behind closed doors. and later... >> that's the house. reporter: pete,,,,,,,,,,,, -those other store cards... -...preferred shopper... ...kept sending me coupons for cat food. i'm just not a coupon clipper. i buy what i want to buy. can i get a reward for that? [ frank ] introducing something extra from raley's, bel air, and nob hill. you get something extra rewards... ...for the way i shop... for buying the things i like. instant offers, points balance, right here on my smart phone. [ frank ] join today at raley's dotcom, or at your store. rewards you... for being you. [ frank ] raley's, bel air, and nob hill. for food, for family, and now, something extra -- for you. >> osgood: in washington, k street northwest is is the street where many of the city's most influential lobbyists have their headquarters. in our sunday morning cover story
Oct 27, 2012 4:00am PDT
is mitt romney could be getting really big margins in the south from texas across the south. which would roll up his popular vote. while the president wins some big states by narrower margins, and thus mitt romney wins the popular vote, barack obama wins the electoral vote and the presidency, like we had in 2000, and it raises questions going into governing. so i think what you see is the next day, mitch mcconnell and john boehner the republican leaders in the congress, stand up and say we'll speak for the majority of the country and therefore continue to oppose the president's agenda. >> what about you, amie? any words from inside the white house? are they mulling this prospect of the possible electoral vote split and how it might affect governing? >> i don't think they care so much about the national poll. they haven't really even strategists tell me they haven't even really been focused on that. they're focused on the swing states. so i think that when the president does come back, if he does come back, then he will have to say, you know, this is all in the past, let's all try to work
Oct 1, 2012 4:30am EDT
, everyone. a lot of nasty weather. we had a washout of a weekend throughout many areas of the deep south. coming out of texas, mississippi, alabama, we saw numerous periods of rain and thunderstorms. i mean, some areas needed the wet weather, but we didn't want to wash out a nice fall weekend. this morning, the storm isn't going anywhere. still located over the top of jackson, mississippi, and we have a lot of rain across tennessee, now spreading all the way through the carolinas. and even now atlanta is starting to get a little bit of light rain. as far as the heaviest rainfall, the worst drive is interstate 40 from jackson, tennessee, all the way up to nashville and memphis. the morning commute does not look pretty. the heaviest rainfall forecasted over the next 48 hours is from central tennessee and i even think some areas of northern georgia have a chance of picking up an inch of rain today. we will see clouds increasing in the mid-atlantic region, but from d.c. to areas around richmond, late day showers for you. the southeast is where we could be dealing with some showers. maybe eve
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 247 (some duplicates have been removed)